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What total solutions in plastic molding Kellpla Group offers

‘Don’t ask us if we can make it. Ask us how we can make it’

Kellpla Group works for a variety of industries and companies. After all, we are challenged by your questions. As a committed partner we hope you will invite us for a coffee and a good conversation. We believe that together we can find the best molding solution for your application.

We are just one phone call away.

Call Hans Derks on +31 (0) 77 20 58 383

With his contagious enthusiasm, he will tell you

what Kellpa Group can do for you.

Fully automatic granules feeder

Kellpla Group offers high capacity and 24/7 injection molding. Feeding our machines with the appropriate resources should therefore be done automatically. Our feeders ensure that the granules in the right dose and at the right temperature are brought in the production process.


Some (thermoplastic) plastics are sensitive to moisture absorption and to avoid problems in the process, they should be dried before the processing. The dryers also are part of the automated supply process within Kellpla Group. The machines are set based on delivery specifications about the correct drying time and temperature.

(Conventional) injection molding

Also called compact injection molding. In this process the plastic is injected in a mold without any further (after) process.

Insert and outsert molding

With insert molding, we enclose a part of your product with plastic, usually a metal. With outsert molding we inject plastic details on the product. Bringing various functionalities (like conduction versus resilience) directly in the production process. This offers great advantages for the quality, size, weight, flexibility, and price of the final product.

Several injection molding techniques

 2K and 3K molding

Here we combine multiple raw materials (two or three) in a single process. The advantage is that it allows us to combine different properties in a single product in a very efficient way. Like hard and soft or flexible and rigid. Also, multiple colors can be brought together in the product in this way.

Assembly, automation and robotics

At Kellpla Group we use automation and robotics next to the 2K and 3K injection molding. In this way we can combine various molding steps after each other and thus assemble the product in an innovative way.

Quality control

Within our quality department, we check the plastic parts continuously. On construction, finishing, adhesion, strength, flexibility, etc. Our injection molding solutions are part of your final product and therefore an important component in the quality and safety of your product. At Kellpla Group we always make absolutely sure that we provide high-quality injection molding solutions.



Ultrasonic welding

This method of welding is only possible with the same two materials. The obtained weld is very strong. This method can also be used successfully to mount very firm inserts.


There are two different types of materials needed. One for the laser transparent part and one for the absorbing material. The weld can hardly be seen and therefore is suitable for visible parts.


Adhesives can be divided into liquid and tape. Many assembly workshops have no extraction and therefore tape is increasingly popular. This tape can be easily adjusted for simple assembly. We offer for all materials both liquid adhesives and tape solutions.



The advantage of screen-printing is the easy and rapid possibilities of a large imprint on a flat surface. The imprint is scratch and wear resistant.

Pad printing

Because the tampon requires a relatively small surface area, it is possible to print a small logo on a deep-lying surface. We can also print on concave and convex surfaces.

Hot stamp

By warming a stamp we can melt a foil on the material. This provides a wear-resistant print. The imprint is located in the product instead of on it.


For a luxurious or special look, products are immersed in a special foil. Plastic parts can get a wood, metal or carbon motif.


Laser engraving

Laser engraving is a technique to make an engraving on a product by using a laser. The standard engraving depth is 0.05 mm, but deeper is also possible.

Paints and coatings

There are many different coatings and paints on the market. We can advise you which ones are best for you product. You can think about cosmetic paints that give products a metallic appearance. Or about EMC-coating that makes the product actually electrically conductive. Also scratch resistant and high gloss lacquers are no problem for us.


Chrome plating

With chrome plating products get an increased decorative value and a scratch or deformation resistance. The last one makes products antistatic or dust-repellent.

Nickel plating

The nickel plating provides the same additional properties to the plastic and metal plating, only with a much duller result (without shine).

 Logistic solutions

In addition to our in-line assembly, we also offer manual (sub) assemblies. Our additional capacity provides the ability to keep your products on stock for just-in-time delivery for your own production or your suppliers. We carefully pack the products or custom-pack them for you. We re-use packaging whenever possible. Just-in-time delivery is the result of our entire production.

MES system E-factory

With this system we can efficiently plan and control all data real-time in our production. We make pre-production schedules in the computer and we continuously track and adjust the status and progress where necessary. It is also the perfect tool to fully document the process and to monitor safety continuously.

ERP system Navision

We work with one easy system for all our business processes. From accounting and finance, sales and marketing, logistics and production to people and business processes. The advantage for our customers is an optimal production at the sharpest possible price.

About Kellpla

Kellpla Group is your dedicated full-service partner in plastic injection molding. With over 70 years of experience and office in Venlo, we distinguish ourselves in customer-specific injection molding of high quality.

Contact us



    Minckelersstraat 8
    5916 PE Venlo
    the Netherlands

    KvK: 12023513
    Btw: NL007349749B01

    Tel: +(31) 77 354 84 00
    E-mail: info@kellpla.nl